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Kolkata Institute of Psychiatry and Allied Sciences ( KIPS), situated at 366 A Kalikapur Road, Kolkata 700099, off EM Bypass, is a place for providing complete psychiatry care under one roof. The institute does have 10 beds for management of psychiatry patients as well as patients with drug or alcohol addiction who need inpatient treatment. The institute runs regular OPD for patients with psychiatric or neuropsychiatric problems. Psychological assessments, psychotherapy and counseling are done by renowned psychologists. The place is visited by renowned psychiatrists, psychologists and general physicians practising in Kolkata. It has got a daycare centre for patients with chronic psychiatric problems or patients who are mentally retarded or suffering from autistic spectrum disorders. A pain clinic is also run once in a week for patients with chronic pain. The motto of this institute is to provide quality care in psychiatric and allied illnesses in a convenient and affordable manner. Patients and their relatives are helped as much as possible to bring the patients under care. With increasing complications of modern life, prevalence of psychiatric illnesses are on the rise. Many of these patients need in-patient care as patients with psychiatric illnesses often lack insight to their condition and doesn't want to undergo treatment. According to Mental Health Act, psychiatry patients can not be admitted and treated in general hospitals and nursing homes as taking care of these kind of patients need special training for the treating team. Kolkata Institute of Psychiatry specializes in providing care to such patients.